What is Cyclo Cross

What is Cyclo Cross?

Cyclo Cross racing is a dynamic and exciting format of cycle racing that traditional take place in the autumnal and winter months. Each race is determined by a set time, which is usally calcuated by a number of laps of a circuit rather than a set distance.

Courses can vary but you may encounter all or at least a large proportion of grass, mud, gravel, sand, hurdles and a huge variety of natural and man made obstacles. A lap could be anything from 2.5 to 3.5km in length and although most parts will be ridable, there maybe sections that are just too muddy or too slow to ride and here you will find a rider will carry the bike and run until it's fast enough to ride again. It's a very popular format of racing in the UK and in Europe. Rain, sleet, snow or sun the show goes on regardless.

Although there are specific lightweight bikes built to race this discipline you can take part in the novices/have a go races on any mechanically sound mountain bike.

Racing is fast and furious around easily accessable laps, if you don't mind a little mud and makes an equally exciting sport to both spectate as well as participate in.

Crosstober is a celebration of this noble of sports and we're expecting local riders young and old to participate and rub shoulders with some of the international sports stars that will be attending. Expect World Champions, National Champions, Regional Champions along with hundreds of other "wanna be" champions descend on Abergavenny, to race the best. We're delighted that S4C will also be on site on Sunday providing live TV coverage of the Elite races whilst providing edited highlights of other races.

Flying optional.
Flying optional.